Hodgkin lymphoma and nephrotic syndrome in childhood: a case
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An association between nephrotic syndrome and extrarenal neoplasia was described for the first time in 1922. Since then a large number of cases have been published, few of them describing the link between Hodgkin disease (HD) and nephrotic syndrome (NS). It shows that the incidence of nephrotic syndrome in Hodgkin lymphoma is less than 1%. In the present paper, published in the paper The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, the authors report 2 such cases.

A male, affected by congenital deafness. At the age of 11, bilateral ankle edema appeared which progressed to anasarca. The patient was referred to a nephrology department where a diagnosis of probable minimal change nephrotic syndrome (MCNS) was made: a kidney biopsy was offered but, initially, the parents opted for an empirical trial with prednisone.

During steroid therapy (prednisone at the dose of 2 mg/Kg/day), edema and proteinuria decreased but in the tapering phase of prednisone there was a relapse of NS. Consequently, prednisone was again increased to a dose of 2 mg/kg/day and then tapered to a dose of 1 mg/kg/day, which proved to be effective in the control of the renal disease; due to the poor responsiveness to steroid therapy the kidney biopsy was subsequently accepted by the parents and done which confirmed the diagnosis of MCNS.

Case 2
A female, at the age of 17 yrs and 10 months, she developed swollen ankles and proteinuria. A kidney biopsy was performed and MCNS was diagnosed. Steroid therapy was effective but due to several relapses, oral prednisone was assumed for 15 months. At the age of 19 yrs and 7 months (21 months after the first appearance of NS and 6 months after the last oral steroid dose) the girl presented with fever, generalized itching and weight loss.

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