How Much Time Does it Take To Treat Lung Cancer in Delhi?
The primary objective of a recently completed study in Delhi was to assess the time required to diagnose and treat lung cancer at an Indian public referral center that predominantly serves lower-income patients.

Retrospective analysis carried out in an Indian public referral health center conveys that Patients managed in these centers require between 4 and 5 months to receive systemic therapy following the initial onset of their symptoms. Approximately 80% of this time is consumed before a diagnosis is rendered.

In an attempt to both curtail the delays that postpone the management of lung cancer and develop a consolidated center of excellence, the AIIMS Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorders created a formal lung cancer clinic (LCC) specializing in lung cancer care in January 2012.

Despite the development of specialty LCC, the time required to diagnose and treat lung cancer has increased, most likely due to a rapid increase in patient attendance.

The Results of the cohort study indicate that the most egregious delays occur for patients during the evaluation phase. Specifically, the patients at the centres require at least 100 days to undergo a definitive diagnostic study after developing symptoms. This time interval encompasses barriers at both the patient-level and physician-level.

Among lower-income Indian patients, the most prominent delays occur prior to diagnosis. Hence, efforts should be directed toward encouraging physicians to maintain a high index of clinical suspicion and educating patients to report concerning symptoms as early as possible.

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