Human urinary myiasis #FirstCaseFromIndia
Published in the journal Urology Case Reports, the authors present the first case of human urinary myiasis caused by Psychoda albipennis in India.

A 19 year old female from lower socio-economical class, presented to urology department with complain of repeated passage of live worms in urine since 2–3 years. She passes 15–20 larvae. She was complaining of dysuria, fever and itching in the periurethral and genital regions on and off during this period. She was treated at other centers with suspicious of UTI and infestation by intestinal parasites with antibacterials and antiparasitic.

Complete urine analysis and stool examination using direct and concentrated smear was done. Plain X-ray and pelviabdominal ultrasound were also done. Larvae isolated from two different fresh urine samples were identified morphologically as larvae of P. albipennis by examining under stereoscopic microscope and transmission electron microscope.

Repeated passages of different larval stages in this case confirmed our diagnosis of true urinary myiasis. Voided urine with larvae and urine in between passages of larvae was normal on microscopical examination. Stool examinations and imaging were normal. Urine analysis and culture was free, plain X-ray, pelviabdominal ultrasound, ct scan and mri abdopelvis revealed no abnormalities.

Patient underwent cystoscopy. Bladder neck was congested with few diffuse ulceration and bladder washfluid was containing few larvae. Patient was advised about maintenance of personal hygiene and maintaining hydration with 3 ltrs of water everyday. She was given a single dose ivermectin 12 mg and course of urinary antibiotic leading to resolution of her symptoms.

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