I have been seeing lot of patients recently with findings su
Dr. Dipesh Shah
I have been seeing lot of patients recently with findings suggestive of Acute Thyroiditis with blood reports suggestive of Hyperthyroid state. Few of the patients Anti Thytoid antibodies are positive and few are having normal antibodies. it always confuses me for starting Neomercazole. What could be right approach? What really differentiates hyperthyroidism from hyper thyroid state?
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P●●●●●●a K●●●●u
P●●●●●●a K●●●●u Nuclear Medicine
A technetium pertechnate scan or an iodine uptake study will answer the clinical query sir. A normal or an elevated uptake is seen in grave' s and TA or TMNG whereas reduced or near absent uptake is seen in thyroiditis - acute/subacute/painless/iatrogenic/factitious.
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Dr. R●●z  a●●●d
Dr. R●●z a●●●d Paediatric Neurology
I presume one should also rule out autoimmune thyroidits including Hashimotos
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Dr. S●●●i M●●●●●●●e
Dr. S●●●i M●●●●●●●e Pathology
I agree with Dr Diaz and have found many autoimmune thyroiditis many have toxicosis initially followed by hypothyroidism esp in Hashimoto' s. Hashitoxicosis is also a well known state in Hashimoto' s thyroidit is.
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