Impact of Preoperative Intraocular Pressure on Trabectome Su
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This study aimed to compare the effect of trabectome surgery in patients with and without intolerance to their medication and with preoperatively sufficiently controlled, insufficiently controlled, and uncontrolled intraocular pressure (IOP) on the surgical outcome.

A total of 155 eyes (133 patients) with different forms of open angle glaucoma with or without intolerance to their glaucoma medication undergoing trabectome surgery alone (AIT-Ab interno trabeculectomy) or combined with phacoemulsification (phaco-AIT) were included in this retrospective monocentric study.

Patients were corresponding to IOP less than 18 mmHg (controlled but glaucoma progression or intolerance, group 1), 19– 26 mmHg (insufficiently controlled, group 2), and more than 26 mmHg (not controlled, group 3), respectively.

Pre- and postoperative IOP and the number of IOP-lowering medications were registered over 12 months. Surgical success was defined as a postoperative IOP of less than 18mmHg and/or reduction of the topical treatment demand after 1 year.

--Of the 155 included eyes, 79 received AIT and 76 received phaco-AIT.

--69 eyes had a preoperatively sufficiently controlled IOP, 63 had an insufficiently controlled IOP, and 23 had an uncontrolled IOP. In all groups, the IOP significantly dropped by 6 and 12 months after surgery.

--Surgical success war similar in all groups [47.8% (group 1), 38.1 (group 2) and 34.8% (group 3)].

--The effect of AIT on IOP and glaucoma medication was independent of intolerance to the anti-glaucoma medication and type of surgery (AIT/phaco-AIT).

Finally, regardless of the preoperative IOP, AIT resulted in a satisfactory surgical success. Trabectome surgery alone or in conjunction with phacoemulsification represents a safe and efficient minimally invasive glaucoma surgery technique regardless of intolerance to the topical drug in cases where filtrating surgery is not an option.