Incidental Morgagni Hernia Found During Laparoscopic Repair
Morgagni hernia is rare clinical entity accounting for 3% of all surgically treated diaphragmatic hernias. Similarly, paraesophageal hernia constitutes only 5% of all hiatal hernia. The co-existing of these two hernias is extremely rare with only 10 cases reported in the literature.

International Journal of Surgery Case Reports presents a case of 53-year-old female patient with 6-year history of reflux disease. Her symptoms were poorly controlled by medications and she was seeking a surgical treatment. Preoperative assessment revealed a giant paraesophageal hernia for which a laparoscopic repair was planned. During the surgery, left-sided Morgagni hernia was discovered and both hernias were repaired at the same time. The patient tolerated the procedure well without complications.

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