Indian boy with rare head and neck condition undergoes life
A 13-year-old boy from India who was ostracized by people from his own village because his head hung upside down has successfully undergone surgery to straighten his neck. Mahendra Ahirwar is said to be afflicted by a rare condition called congenital mypoathy, which had weakened his neck muscles so much that his head would hang at a 180-degree-angle. But now thanks to a mother-of-two from Liverpool, who set up a crowd-funding page raising £12,000 for his treatment, the teenager has undergone life-changing surgery by a former NHS surgeon. Dr. Rajagopalan Krishnan, from Apollo Hospital, headed the team of doctors who performed the ten-hour surgery on the boy. The complicated operation involved the removal of disks from his neck and replacing them with bone graft from the pelvis and then fitting a metal plate to secure the neck straight.

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