INFLAMMATION Definition: It is a tissue response at microcir
Definition: It is a tissue response at microcirculation (At the site of injury) level to nonself
injurious agents.
Types: different types based on different criteria
Causes: Physical (Trauma, heat cold etc), chemical (Organic, inorganic poison), Infective
(Bacterial, viral etc), Radiation, immunological etc
Mechanism of inflammation:
Vascular Changes: on injury there is vasoconstriction lasting for few seconds, and then
there is a vasodilatation leads to excess blood flow to injured area
Cellular Changes: involvement of Polymorph nuclear cell, lymphocytes, macrophages and
other WBCs
On injury there is accumulation of cells in peripheral side of vessels by means of rolling,
then cells slowly emigrate into extra vascular space here they kills the infective agent by
means of phagocytosis
Criteria Types Definition
According to duration Acute Lasting for seconds, minutes or <48hrs
Subacute or
Lasting >48hrs, days, weeks, months or
According to histological feature • Non specific (Majority of cases)
• Specific (E.g TB, Leprosy and syphilis)
According to causative factors Aseptic due to sterile chemica.