Insulin pump therapy can be initiated in primary care
Using and prescribing insulin pumps for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes over the years, the various insulin pumps are similar in terms of ease of use and clinical outcomes, especially when comparing those not integrated with CGM or offering automation. However, one significant difference between insulin pumps is whether they have a traditional tube or are tubeless. Many people with diabetes, including myself, feel that a tubeless insulin pump is not only more discreet and inconspicuous, but also opens up many new areas on the body to infuse insulin. Many people we see in our practice who are living with diabetes have lipodystrophy due to repeatedly using the same spot to inject or infuse insulin. This often leads to elevated blood glucose levels. The tubeless pump has the same capabilities that traditional insulin pumps offer, allows more freedom for location of insulin delivery, and is now the third insulin pump to the market that can automate with CGM.