interesting case - give ur diagnosis.
Dr. Bhagyesh Shah
Interesting case - give ur diagnosis.
A 32 yr male company executive was on five day tour to Ahmedabad from Bombay.he felt unwell on day four in afternoon and left the client meet halfway.he went hotel and slept.he was awakened by his colleagues frm next room at 8 pm for dinner.he was running high grade fever and breathless.he was rushed to nearby hospital er and his vitals were.temp. 104 ,hr-140 per min,bp systolic 80 and saturation of oxygen 84% on air.
his 2 d echo and ecg normal.
his cxr had bilateral congestive changes with mild to moderate pleural effusion.
urine r/m normal with normal cbc profile.
check responses in comments.
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S●●●●i M●●●a
S●●●●i M●●●a General Medicine
Pneumonia with pleural effusion
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Considered the sign& symptoms how you can suspect Denge
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A●●●●d K●●●r B●●●●●●j Pathology
Bilateral Pneumonitis With Pleural Effusion.
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