Intra-articular lipoma arborescens of the knee: a case serie
Lipoma arborescens is a very rare pseudo-tumoral lesion of unknown etiology, characterized by lipomatous infiltration of subsynovial stroma, bilateral involvement is exceptional, only eight cases are reported in the literature.

Published in International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the authors report the very rare case of two men presented with complaints of swelling of both knees and intermittent joint effusion, Surgical biopsy revealed Lipoma arborescens in both cases. Open total synovectomy was performed. Follow-up evaluation showed no signs of recurrence.

• The unilateral form of lipoma Arborescens affecting the knee is the most common, with a predilection for supra patellar recess.

• The clinical examination finds symptoms of chronicity, such as progressive soft swelling, often very abundant joint effusion, pain, stiffness and episodes of joint blockage.

• MRI is the examination of choice showing multiple villous proliferation of the synovial and frond-like structures with a fatty signal on all sequences which are suppressed on FAT-SAT.

• Treatment with intra-articular injections of radioactive compounds, such as Yttrium 90 or steroids, relieves symptoms during moderate periods.

• Early synovectomy offers the best functional outcome.

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