Kindly diagnose and suggest me Rx?
Dr. Huma Ahmed
Kindly diagnose and suggest me Rx?
Dr. A●●●●d M●●●●●i
Dr. A●●●●d M●●●●●i Paediatrics
Candiforce 200mg 1 od 7 days
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D●●●●●●●●d A●●●d
D●●●●●●●●d A●●●d General Medicine
Cap. Isotretinoin-20 1OD HS 10 days nd 10 mg 10 days Tab.Cetirizine10 1OD HS 10 days Ointment Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5\% night Lotion Lacto Calamine L/A twice a day
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A●c A●c
A●c A●c General Medicine
Tablet Clavum 625mg 5 days.
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