known case of GERD for 6 yrs complaints of regurgitation,vom
Dr. Bhuvana Cuty
Known case of GERD for 6 yrs complaints of regurgitation,vomiting,heartburn.....since 1 month whats further mode of treatment...what can be future consequences
Dr. S●●●●●h J●●●●p
Dr. S●●●●●h J●●●●p General Medicine
Proton pump inhibitor
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A●c A●c
A●c A●c General Medicine
PPI with Multivitamin tablets. No spicy food. Barrett' s oesophagus can occur.
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M●●●v B●●●●r
M●●●v B●●●●r General Medicine
Medication PPI early morning, triple therapy can be given which includes antibiotics avoid spicy food and take plenty of water consequences oesophagus carcinoma Barret esophagus
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