Laparoscopic cerclage in a patient of cervical incompetence
Cervical incompetence may be due to obstetric or gynecological or congenital causes. The laparoscopic cerclage is highly recommended for previous failed vaginal cerclage and is superior to laparotomy approach in terms of low morbidity and faster recovery.

In this case report, published in the Journal of Clinical Gynecology and Obstetrics, the authors tried to evaluate obstetric outcome of preconceptional laparoscopic cerclage in a patient of cervical incompetence.

A 31-year-old lady presented with primary infertility. She had two first-trimester and two second-trimester abortions. Vaginal cerclage was done in subsequent pregnancy by MacDonald’s method, which failed to prolong pregnancy. Hence, preconceptional laparoscopic cerclage was done with Mersilene tape.

Main outcome was neonatal survival and prolongation of gestation. The lady successfully completed 36 weeks and delivered a baby weighing 2.94 kg, by elective LSCS without any complications.

Major takeway:-
- Preconceptional laparoscopic cerclage proved to be safe and effective, resulting in favorable obstetric outcome in this lady having cervical incompetence and bad obstetric history.

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