Large complex ovarian cyst managed by laparoscopy - Case fro
Complex ovarian cyst with secondary infection is a rare disease that hardly responds to the usual antibiotic treatment. Most of the times, it hampers day to day activities of women. It is commonly known to cause pain and fever. To our surprise, in our case the cyst was large enough to compress the ureter and it was adherent to the surrounding structures. Laparoscopic removal of the cyst was done and specimen was sent for histopathological examination.

A 27 years old patient, nulligravida presented with complaint of dull pain in lower abdomen with moderate intensity, relieved intermittently by taking analgesics along with low grade fever on and off since six months. She also complained of continuous episodes of vomiting since two days bilious in nature but small in amount. Her menstrual cycle was normal. She had primary infertility of ten years. She had no significant past history....

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