Late Dx and surgical treatment of bronchial bean aspiration
Asphyxiation by an inhaled foreign body is a leading cause of accidental death among children younger than 4years. Delay in diagnosis, as well as the type of foreign body, is a risk factor related to mortality and invasive procedures like tracheostomy and thoracotomy.

Published in the Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care, the authors report a case of a two-year-old girl admitted since 48hours after bean aspiration. She underwent rigid bronchoscopy under general anaesthesia with ventilatory support, tracheotomy followed by thoracotomy and bronchotomy as a final way of foreign body extraction.

During the procedure, she had hypoxic cardiac arrest and was successfully reanimated. It took 10days to wean her from mechanical ventilation and 10 more at the pulmonology department before she was discharged from hospital without neurological complications.

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