Lessons learned from hybrid surgery with preoperative coil e
A 68-year-old woman without any complaints was diagnosed with right intralobar PS, which was supplied by an aberrant artery from the thoracic aorta, via computed tomography performed during a medical examination. In addition, lung adenocarcinoma was detected over the border between the right upper and middle lobes. Preoperative coil embolization was performed by an interventional radiologist the day before surgery to decrease the risk of severe intraoperative hemorrhage. On the following day, bi-lobectomy of the right upper and middle lobes for lung adenocarcinoma with systemic lymph node dissection and segmentectomy of the sequestrated lung with thoracotomy was performed. Although no active hemorrhage was observed during surgery, the aberrant artery was challenging to dissect using an energy device due to the presence of an intravascular coil. Eventually, the coil stump was exposed, and it was cut with scissors. The postoperative course was uneventful.