LIVE update: Union Interim Budget 2019
The interim Union budget for the year 2019 is currently being presented by the Finance Minister, Shri Piyush Goyal in the Lok Sabha. The Interim Budget is the last Budget of the NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the Lok Sabha elections due by May.

Here are the key highlights from the Union Budget 2019 for healthcare:-

- Full tax rebate for income upto 5 lakh

- People with gross income of 6.5 lakh rupees exempted from tax if investments made in PF and savings account

- 2030 Vision: 10 dimensions

- ‘Healthy India’ is the 9th Dimension, Ayushman Bharat to remain the key health scheme

- Ayushman Bharat Scheme targeted for 50 crore people has benefited 10 lakh people so far. Lakhs of poor people have benefited from the reduced cost of medicine

- Price reduction in life-saving medicines, heart stents made available under Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushdi Yojna

- 21 AIIMS are currently operating in the country, 14 of which have been announced since 2014

- 22nd AIIMS, now coming up in Haryana

Source: Lok Sabha TV

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Well come
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What a great budget!
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There is good news in the budget was opening of new aiims in haryana. before 2013 only seven aiims is established. after 2013 there is 22 aiims established ( 15 new + 7 old )
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