local anaesthetic
Dr. Rajasekaran Stephen
Local anaesthetic
Bread and butter for dentist is local anaesthesia. So dentists must know more about regional /local anaestheia its complications and how to over come the complications. also they should use minimal amount of adrenaline content. when it can constrict a vessel to delay absorption the same is true for vessels supplying the nerve ie v . because of that parathesia occurs. when a vessel is constricted for more than one hour the ill effects are more. now a days adrenaline is called as a marker in local anaestheia. because of that palpitations tachycardia occurs. so it should be differentiated from local anaesthesia systemic toxicity. more over the maximum dose of local anaestheia we recommend with adrenaline without adrenaline the trial was conducted in dogs only. so far only one trail on human beings has been conducted. so the maximum miñimum dose cannot be considered according to Rosenberg. so be alert in using local anaestheia. all ways have the antidote ready in your clinic. have all the necessary equipment for resuscitation.