Lok Sabha passes Disabilities Bill, 2014
Key highlights of the Bill -

- The number of disabilities has been expanded from 7 to 21 and includes Autism, Parkinson's disease, Chronic neurological conditions, Thalassaemia, Haemophilia and Acid attack victims, among others

- The Bill includes a provision for sign languages in television content

- Private firms need to ensure that individual with disabilities are provided with barrier-free access in buildings and transport systems and that they do not face any discrimination in matters of employment

- Discrimination against differently-abled people can earn a jail term upto two years and a maximum fine of Rs five lakh

- 'Universal Identity Card for the Disabled' proposed. The card will be linked to Aadhar card to help the disabled all over the country in a seamless fashion

Reference - http://www.firstpost.com/politics/parliament-passes-disabilities-bill-universal-identity-card-to-help-differently-abled-3159454.html
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