Maharashtra govt asks Mumbai doctors to compulsorily serve C
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The Maharashtra government on 6 May 2020 issued a notification making it mandatory for private doctors in Mumbai to report to hospitals for treatment of coronavirus patients.

The administration has asked private doctors who are below 55 yrs of age and not having any comorbidity to report with immediate effect to COVID-19 dedicated hospitals for treatment of patients. The doctors have been asked to work for 15 days to provide treatment to the patients who have contracted the virus.

However, the government took cognizance of the doctors who may be in the high-risk category of contracting the virus. It has therefore given an exemption to those private doctors who are 55 years and above and have comorbidities.

All the doctors are required to submit a form in which they have to fill in details proving their eligibility, Maharashtra Medical Council registration number, current working place, and place for posting. The doctors have to submit the e-mailed forms to the BMC's Protocol Officer.

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R●●●l S●●●●y
R●●●l S●●●●y General Medicine
The revoking of an individual' s medical license is not mentioned anywhere. The type and quantum of punishment for failure to fill the form has yet to be decided.
May 7, 2020Like1
Dr. C●●●●●●●i D●●●a
Dr. C●●●●●●●i D●●●a General Medicine
What is the next step after submitting the online form? Is anyone going to contact us?
May 7, 2020Like1