Maharashtra joins hand with Tata memorial, to train rural do
Dr. Kannan Anjurtupil
Maharashtra joins hand with Tata memorial, to train rural doctors for cancer treatment
Cancer patients may no longer need to travel all the way to Mumbai for treatment of cervical, breast and head cancer. The state government has tied up with the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) to train rural doctors, nurses, general surgeons and physicians on cancer screening, chemotherapy administration, and treatment protocol in 24 districts. The programme, funded by pharmaceutical company Mylan, has been inspired by Cancer Warriors’, a concept where over 50 TMH pass-outs practicing privately in rural areas were roped in for conducting weekly cancer screening and treatment for villagers at district hospitals for over a year now. “Cancer has one of the most expensive treatments. A rural patient has to come live in Mumbai for months for treatment. If he is the bread-earner, it burdens the entire family. To avoid this and to reduce the massive load on Tata Hospital, we have come up with this idea,” said Sujata Saunik, Principal Health Secretary.
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