Maternal Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnant Women linked wit
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Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDPs) increase cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. Pregnancy morbidities, including preeclampsia and CVD, are common in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In a population?based cohort, researchers investigated whether HDPs are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular outcomes separately in women with SLE and those without SLE to examine the role of SLE.

First singleton births were identified among mothers with SLE and a large general population comparison group. Discharge diagnosis for HDPs, cardiovascular outcomes, and hypertension were identified using International Classification of Diseases codes. Additive evaluation and multiplicative effect modification was done using relative excess risk due to interaction and Cox models jointly accounting for SLE and HDPs, respectively. Mediation analysis estimated the proportion of the association between SLE and outcome explained by HDPs.

--HDPs were more common in pregnant women with SLE (20% versus 7%).

--In SLE, HDPs were associated with a 2?fold higher rate of cardiovascular outcomes and a 3?fold higher rate of incident hypertension.

--HDPs mediated 20% of the latter association. In women without SLE, HDPs were associated with higher incidence of hypertension later in life.

HDPs were related to a threefold higher incidence of hypertension in women with SLE relative to women without SLE. Women with HDPs were twice as likely as women without HDPs to develop cardiovascular outcomes in SLE.