Maxillary central incisor with an extracanal and periapical
The present case has been published in the journal Endodontology.

The success of endodontic treatment depends on the knowledge of internal and external anatomy of the tooth, the normal supporting tissues of the tooth and any pathology related to it.

The aim of the present study is to present the management of maxillary incisor with two canals and periapical lesion. The presence of two canals in maxillary central incisor was confirmed with cone-beam computed tomography.

The tooth was cleaned and shaped with hand filing and obturated with lateral condensation technique. Periapical lesion was treated with surgical approach. 1-, 3 and 9-month follow-ups showed good healing of periapical tissue and suffi cient bone formation. The patient remained asymptomatic.

Learning Point:-
- Sufficient knowledge of the normal root canal anatomy and its variations, and proper treatment planning aids in successful endodontic treatment.

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