Maxillofacial rehabilitation of nasal bridge and frontal bon
Facial defects result from tumor, congenital anomaly and external injury not only leads to serious impairment of function and aesthetics, but also makes the patient psychologically disabled.

Prosthetic rehabilitation attempts to restore these facial disfigurements may improve aesthetic, level of function, quality of life. This clinical report describes rehabilitating a patient who has undergone removal of nasal bridge and focal area of frontal bone due to infiltration of carcinoma with the aid of maxillofacial silicone prosthesis.

In the present case, published in the European Journal of Prosthodontics, nasal bridge and frontal bone prosthesis was made combined in single epithesis to achieve retention with the help glass spectacles and anatomical undercuts of surgically excised area.

A 62-years-old male patient was referred to the department of maxillofacial prosthodontics. He was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of nasal bridge and nasal septum, infiltrated into frontal bone. Patient had undergone removal of nasal bridge including partial nasal septum and focal area of frontal bone followed by radiation therapy with chemotherapy.

In this case, reconstructive plastic surgery could be performed as advised by plastic surgeons but due to unaffordable financial status of patient, surgery did not performed. When we explained the alternative of reconstructive plastic surgery that is maxillofacial silicone prosthesis and its uses in detail, he chose to proceed with the treatment in order to enhance the confidence and quality of life.

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