Meet the 2019 Padma awardees in Medicine
The government announced the Padma Awards 2019 - the highest civilian awards of the country.

1 Padma Bhushan and 14 Padma Shri were awarded in the field of Medicine out of the total 112 Padma Awards.

Here is a small primer of "unsung heroes" honored with Padma awards 2019 in Medicine:

1. Shri Ashok Laxmanrao Kukade (Maharsahtra) - Recipient of Padma Bhushan for his exemplary medical services to patients of underprivileged section of the society.

2. Shri Illias Ali (Assam) - Surgeon known for his contribution towards successful population control in Assam.

3. Shri Omesh Kumar Bharti (Himachal Pradesh) - Field epidemiologist recognized for inventing low cost anti-rabies treatment approved by WHO.

4. Shri Mammen Chandy (West Bengal) - Pioneer of bone marrow transplant.

5. Shri Sandeep Guleria (Delhi) - Renowned nephrologist who conducted the first cadaveric renal transplant in India.

6. Shri Pratap Singh Hardia (Madhya Pradesh) - Ophthalmologist & Guinness world record holder for having performed over 5 lakh eye operations.

7. Shri Sudam Kate (Maharashtra) - Pioneer of sickle cell advocacy in India.

8. Shri Ravindra Kolhe - Ms. Smita Kolhe (Maharashtra) - Known as “The Rs. 1 doctor”, distinguished doctor couple who shaped healthcare services in tribal area.

9. Shri Shadab Mohammad (Uttar Pradesh) - Dentist and maxillofacial surgeon, credited for developing low cost method for maxillofacial surgery.

10. Shri Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (Jharkhand) - Known as "The poor man’s doctor”, he has been charging Rs. 5 for treatment from lower and marginalized sections of the society.

11. Shri Tsering Norboo (Jammu & Kashmir) - Known for rendering free medical services to unreachable areas of Leh.

12. Shri Jagat Ram (Chandigarh) - Ophthalmologist & PGI director.

13. Shri R V Ramani (Tamil Nadu) - Renowned Ophthalmologist & Founder of Sankara eye foundation.

14. Shri Ramaswami Venkataswami (Tamil Nadu) - Surgeon & Founding father of Institute for Research and Rehabilitation of hand and Dept. of Plastic surgery at Stanley medical college, Chennai.

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