Meet the nine 2017 Padma Awardees in Medicine
This year the President of India has approved conferment of Padma Awards to 89 persons which include 9 unsung heroes in Medicine -

Padma Bhushan Awardee

* Dr Tehemton Erach Udwadia (Maharashtra)

Padma Shri Awardees

* Dr. Subroto Das (Gujarat)
* Dr. (Smt.) Bhakti Yadav (Madhya Pradesh)
* Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed (Telangana)
* Dr. Madan Madhav Godbole (Uttar Pradesh)
* Dr. Devendra Dayabhai Patel (Gujarat)
* Prof. Harkishan Singh (Chandigarh)
* Dr. Mukut Minz (Chandigarh)
* Late (Smt.) Suniti Solomon (Tamil Nadu)

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s●●●●l m●●●●●●e General Medicine
They realy deserve it!!
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Dr. D●●●●j G●●●a
Dr. D●●●●j G●●●a Paediatric Cardiology
Recognizing the unrecognized ones working selflessly behind the job..3 cheers for all of them..
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They really deserves it
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