mentally and physically harrasment by HOD
Dr. Kalpesh Kalsariya
Mentally and physically harrasment by HOD
Now its time to expose tolerance of new civil hospital,Surat. dr.neeta kavishwer,HOD of anesthesia dpt. has no humanity against resident...I am Dr. kalpesh kalsariya resident Dr of anesthesia mentally and physically harassed by HOD....I have retinal detachment problems in both eyes AFTER JOINING AS A RESIDENT....I cant able to do continuous over night and day duty.I also give my medical certificate...then also HOD,DEAN and other associate prof. are not accept my condition and force me to do all duty without any liberty OTHERWISE THEY NOT Grant my any term and not to give me exam....I am suffering from almost 2 years with this problem but my collage and council not take any decision.... And HOD didn't grant my any term till now...its mental harassment from hod...she ordered everyone to not to give me any anesthetic procedure...i am doing my duty of 9 hrs which I can do...she is spoiling my future...please give me your advice.... Share this story as much as possible ....
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