Most adults with thyroid cancer on levothyroxine do not reac
Researchers conducted a cross-sectional outpatient study of 1,125 adults with differentiated thyroid cancer who were followed up after at least 1 year of levothyroxine suppression treatment at 21 medical centers. Clinical data, including serum TSH level, were obtained from the most recent medical visit. Daily levothyroxine doses and treatment plans were recorded. ATA guidelines were used to determine each participant’s cancer risk. The study cohort had a mean levothyroxine daily dose of 132.4 µg. The mean TSH was 2.26 mU/L. Of the study cohort, 29.2% met their TSH target, with 50.4% overtreated and 20.4% undertreated. 50.1% of participants had good compliance with levothyroxine therapy, 32.7% had moderate compliance and 17.1% had poor compliance.