multiple papular lesions started over abdomen flexors of pal
jyothi kanugonda
Multiple papular lesions started over abdomen flexors of palms and progressed over back chest and lesions in axilla groin face legs n neck.scaling over few lesions.c/o c/o fever
Dr. A●●y J●●n
Dr. A●●y J●●n General Medicine
Lotion Permethrin LA STAT Tab. Ivermectin 12mg HS A/D for 3 times
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Dr. N●●●●●●●●n S●●●●●●●●●m
Dr. N●●●●●●●●n S●●●●●●●●●m General Medicine
Its scabies. permethrin lotion overnight apply from neck down and wash in the morning. T.Ivermectin 12mg 1od for one day. T.cetrizine bd for itching.
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J●●●●i k●●●●●●●a
j●●●●i k●●●●●●●a General Medicine
No itching in inter digital spaces no contact history and no c/o night itch
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