Mx of neglected lateral condyle fracture of humerus: A compa
Implant for fixation of neglected fracture lateral condyle humerus remains an issue of controversy. This study, published in the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics compares the clinical and radiological outcome of fixation with Kirschner wire (K-wire) and with cancellous screw (CS) in neglected fracture lateral condyle humerus.

42 patients of neglected lateral condyle humerus fracture, treated either by open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) with K-wire or ORIF with CS were included in study. The comparisons were made in term of slab immobilization time, union time, improved range of motion (ROM), final achieved carrying angle, and functional outcome measured by Liverpool Elbow Score (LES).

There were 22 patients in Group I with mean age 7.8 years and 20 patients in Group II with mean age 7.3 years. Mean delay in presentation was 12.9 versus 15.6 week. Mean duration of immobilization was 11.6 versus 9.4 weeks. Improved carrying angle was 6.8° versus 9.7°. Mean gain in ROM was 17.7° versus 27.5°.

The study concluded that there was no difference in LES, irrespective of implant used. Screw was better in terms of duration of slab, improvement in carrying angle and ROM.

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