Need To Strike a Balance While Imposing Lockdown, Says CSIR'
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Lockdown helps in containing the spread of coronavirus, but affects the economy adversely and hence there is a need to strike a balance while imposing it, Director-General of the CSIR, Dr Shekhar Mande, said. He also said that the L452R mutant of coronavirus that was detected in California in the USA, is causing concern in Maharashtra right now.

Lockdown will help in containing the spread as people stay indoors. Even if the virus spreads, it will only affect the family members and it will not spread outside. His remarks come on the day the Maharashtra government announced a weekend lockdown and a slew of restrictions in the state to curb the spread of the virus.

At this moment, we can only hypothesise and as per the hypothesis. it is possible that some people might have carried this mutant from California to other destinations and that is spreading wildly." He added that as far as sequencing is concerned, a lot of samples have been sequenced from different districts of Maharashtra and many of them actually fell in the category of this L452R mutation and its other combinations are E484Q and E687.

He said that since it has been revealed that L452R is spreading in Maharashtra rapidly, the government has been asked to keep a close watch on those whose samples had this mutant. "We are keeping a close watch on those who have this particular mutant in their samples," he added.

"We have already sent them a format on how to do the sampling (for sequencing) and it has been communicated to all the district administrations that how we have to do the sampling in every district," he added. Speaking about the vaccines and mutations of the virus, Dr Mande added that there is very little evidence that the vaccine would not work on the mutants.

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