New Insights Into Pathophysiology Of Covid Toe: Study
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Redness and swelling of the hands and toes, known as chilblain-like lesions, have been reported during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent study has provided new insights about the underlying mechanisms involved in such “COVID toes” symptoms which begins with a bright red colouration on the feet, which then gradually turns purple and usually develop within one to four weeks of being infected. Study looked at 50 participants with Covid toes and 13 with chilblains lesions from before the pandemic. It was found that two parts of the immune system may be responsible for why the symptoms appear when the body fights the virus: one is an antiviral protein called ‘type 1 interferon’ and the other is an antibody that ‘mistakenly’ targets and reacts with a body’s cells and tissues, besides fighting the virus. The epidemiology and clinical features of chilblain-like lesions have been extensively studied, however, little is known about the pathophysiology involved, author added.

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