New Once-A-Week Jab Could Put Type 2 Diabetes Patients In 'R
Tirzepatide once-a-week jab can put T2D patients into remission, slashing blood sugar to normal levels, cutting cholesterol and blood pressure, and helping patients lose a stone and a half or more.The trial was done on 1,879 patients, mostly middle-aged and were given self-injector pens.They were instructed to take either a dose of tirzepatide, or semaglutide once a week for up to ten months. The new drug worked better than semaglutide in every aspect, giving greater weight loss and better blood sugar control even at the lowest doses. Researchers claim that it is so effective that it may offer patients a viable alternative to weight-loss surgery, which is at present the most effective method of treating patients who need to lose large amounts of weight and bring theirT2D into remission.

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