Non-rigid connector: The wand to allay the stresses on abutm
The use of rigid connectors in 5-unit fixed dental prosthesis with a pier abutment can result in failure of weaker retainer in the long run as the pier abutment acts as a fulcrum. Non-rigid connector placed on the distal aspect of pier seems to reduce potentially excess stress concentration on the pier abutment.

A 26 year-old male patient reported to the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry with missing teeth #14 and #16, and he had difficulty in chewing and esthetic problems. On examination it was found that the patient had canine-guided occlusion bilaterally.

Caries was found in #24, which was later extracted and an FDP was fabricated. Radiologically and clinically, the abutment teeth were having favourable criteria. After discussing all the treatment options and their pros and cons, it was decided to rehabilitate the case with 5-unit FDP using non-rigid connectors on the distal aspect of pier abutment.

A semi-precision attachment named plastic dovetail was selected in this case. It had frictional retention, plastic pattern male and female, with built in paralleling mandrels.

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