Nurse Lini PN, who died treating Nipah patient, awarded Flo
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Last year, during the Nipah outbreak, Lini PN — a 30-year-old Kerala nurse — who contracted the virus while treating a patient and later died of it. She has been awarded the National Florence Nightingale Award 2019, posthumously.

The Indian government established the National Florence Nightingale Awards in 1973 to recognise the meritorious services rendered by women working in the profession.

The late Lini’s husband, Sajeesh Puthur, accepted the award from President Ram Nath Kovind in Delhi on Thursday.

When working at the EMS Memorial Cooperative hospital in Perambra town, during the Nipah outbreak in 2018, Lini contracted the deadly virus. She was treating the first case of infection of the virus. She was later moved to the ICU at Kozhikode Medical College, but developed complications and later passed away. Kerala state government instituted an award in recognition of her sacrifice.

Who was Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing. She gained prominence while serving as a trainer of nurses during the Crimean War. She had headed the operation to organize care for the wounded soldiers during the war. She had earned the tag of ‘the Lady with the Lamp’ for making rounds at night to care for the wounded soldiers.

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