on cheek of this pt from last 2yrs
Dr. Dinesh Sharma
On cheek of this pt from last 2yrs
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Dr. D●●●●h S●●●●a
Dr. D●●●●h S●●●●a General Medicine
Bit of these symptoms only
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Dr. L●●●●h K●●●r C●●●●a
Dr. L●●●●h K●●●r C●●●●a Internal Medicine
Pt has multiple similar lesions, whuch appear to have healed with a scar. Kindly take history Ask specifically hiw long back and how many times the lesion appeared? assoicited fever jt pains??
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Dr. A●●a J●●●s
Dr. A●●a J●●●s Dermatology
lesion looks like that of discoid lupus erythematosus, is he photosensitive?
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