one married girl is diagnosed with pcod and she is on her re
susmitha vuyyuru
One married girl is diagnosed with pcod and she is on her regular periods every month, but doctor said that ovulation os not happening in this case and she is taking treatment since 6 months. what to do now
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S●●●●●●a v●●●●●u
s●●●●●●a v●●●●●u General Medicine
She is taking letrozole 2.5mg 10 tab from 2 day of her period among 6 cycles. still she did not concive.. what was the problem..
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Dr. C●●●●●●●t K●●r
Dr. C●●●●●●●t K●●r Obstetrics and Gynaecology
A lot more information is needed. Does she want pregnancy, and how long has she been trying? What exactly is her complaint. Age, and time since marriage. USG for ovulation tracking can help tell her fertile period , along with other investigations directed to what is needed.
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Dr. B●●●●●●i J●●●i
Dr. B●●●●●●i J●●●i Obstetrics and Gynaecology
According to me..if she is a known case of pcos them first of all we should evaluate type of pcos insulin resistance or not...treat that according then start .then same stimulation protocols. but I think want to add.if needed do drilling and down regulate her..then start treatment again
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