Outcome of gender bias: isolated bilateral upper limb amelia
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Published in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India, the authors report a case of isolated bilateral upper limb amelia in a woman on antituberculous therapy (ATT) who consumed an unidentified drug for sex selection during pre conceptional period and first trimester.

Thirty-two year old para 4 was admitted with severe anaemia and puerperal pyrexia following home delivery of a live born male infant conducted by trained birth attendant in a village 12 days back. Except for absence of both upper limbs, baby was otherwise healthy with no other congenital dysmorphic features. She had healthy living three daughters, all born by uneventful vaginal deliveries.

Patient gave history of having taken two courses of AKT for 6 months each, one 3 years back when she was not pregnant and the other was started from sixth week of gestation during this pregnancy. The patient received the combination of rifampin, isoniazid and ethambutol. Desirous of having a male baby, she consulted a quack who gave her some medications in powder form.

She took them in the month preceding the one with missed period and also in the first trimester. She did not take any antenatal care and gave birth to an infant with absent both upper limbs. X-ray examination of baby’s whole body did not reveal any other bony anomalies.

Ultrasound examination for ruling out internal organ malformations was reported to be normal. Mother was investigated for puerperal pyrexia. She received four units of packed red cells. At the time of discharge, all her biochemical investigations including blood sugar examination were normal.

Key takeaway:-
This report highlights the existing malpractices by quacks who continue to flourish thanks to ignorance and gender bias amongst the uneducated strata of society.

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