patient complaints of dry mouth and throat with severe thirs
Andrew Thomas
Patient complaints of dry mouth and throat with severe thirst after right hemicolectomy. it's been 30 hrs since the patient had anything (fluids)
the doctor advised nil per oral until further order.

is it ok to give a sip of water (1ml) every half an hour or so?
is it ok to wet a gauze swab keep in mouth?
is there any other ways to give slight relief to patient?
how to manage the patient ?
Dr. P●●●●k S●●●●n
Dr. P●●●●k S●●●●n General Surgery
Its absolutely safe to soak his mouth n lips by wet gauge but keeping him NPO is best till his bowel moves with a normal sound and passed flatus
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A●●●●w T●●●●s
A●●●●w T●●●●s General Medicine
Thank u dr. that was helpful. anyways the patient is now on soft solid diet. THANKING YOU FOR REPLYING
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