Patients with rotator cuff tears treated nonoperatively do w
Nonoperative management was effective in patients with chronic, full-thickness rotator cuff tears based on results of a study presented at the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Annual Meeting.

“Nonoperative treatment can be an effective option for many patients with chronic, full-thickness rotator cuff tears,” Richard S. Boorman, MD, chief of shoulder and elbow surgery at the University of Calgary, Canada, said. “While some may assert [nonoperative treatment] delays inevitable surgical repair, our study shows that patients can do well over time.”

“We previously presented our results for a comprehensive nonoperative treatment program for patients with chronic full-thickness rotator cuff tears, in which we had a 75% success rate at 2 years,” Boorman said. “This comprehensive 3-month treatment program included physical therapy, home exercises, sport medicine physician-directed pain management, judicial cortisone injection and patient education.”