Pediatric Case of AMAN variant of GBS
Dr. Ahmed Farooq
Pediatric Case of AMAN variant of GBS
 6 year old male Prince was brought to OPD by his parents who complained of sudden onset weakness in both lower limbs since 1 month and inability to swallow solids since 15 days. He could not climb stairs. There was no pain, fever, neck rigidity, altered conciousness or any bowel bladder abnormalities or similiar compliant earlier or in any other person in the family.

On examination Prince was afebrile with pulse 92bpm (regular rate rhythm normal force and tension and bilaterally symmetrical) , 29 breaths per minute (laboured) and BP of 118/82mmHg..

He has areflexia with all superficial reflexes intact and no autonomic dysfunction. there is no sensory.

SpO2 is 95

CBC normal

LFT and RFT normal

Electromyographic studies show normal motor conduction with decreased action potential.

Diagnosis- Acute motor axonal neuropathy(AMAN) variant of Gullian Barre syndrome.
(AMAN variant of GBS causes antibody to form against motor nerves and nodes of ranvier
associated with campylobacter jejuni and zika virus.)
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