PHC sets example in hospital management
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A primary health center (PHC) in Bolangir district has set an example for every government hospital in the state by adhering to the 5T (Transparency, Teamwork, Technology, Time and Transformation) action plan as envisaged by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Badimunda Primary Health Centre (PHC), 22 km from here, has set a benchmark in innovative management of OPD patients. The outdoor patient services in the hospital have increased both in quality and quantity.

The hospital has become a preferred destination for patients of nearly 50 villages of Loisingha block. The health centre provides no lesser service than any private hospital.

The PHC, which has one MBBS and one Ayush doctors along with a pharmacist, staff nurse and attendant, has created a record by treating 1,23,099 patients in the last couple of years.

The remarkable success hasn’t gone unnoticed as the PHC has won Kayakalpa award twice in 2017-18 and 2018-19 given by the state health department. The health center gets Rs.2 lakh under the scheme.

The hospital distributes tokens to its patients and announces the number for their turn through mike system in the waiting hall having total 48 seats. The waiting hall has been painted with health-related information on walls to create awareness among the patients and their attendants.

The hospital has also installed a projector for displaying health-related infotainment videos in the hall. Though the PHC has many vacancies and lacks sweepers, it adorns the look of one of the cleanest hospitals.

Medical officer Dr Sekharlal Pradhan, who joined the PHC nine years back, said despite its location in a far-flung area, people don’t hesitate to come to the hospital for health-care needs.

Recently state government released a poster on unique services provided in the PHC.

While the waiting hall was constructed with donations from the villagers, projector and sound system were installed from the award money.

The PHC also offers yoga therapy for patients in its health and wellness centre set up on the PHC premises, he informed.

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