plz explain hormone imbalance effects
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Plz explain hormone imbalance effects
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When you have a hormonal imbalance, you have too much or too little of a certain hormone. Even tiny changes can have serious effects throughout your whole body.Common hormonal imbalance symptoms are weight gain, fatigue increased sensitivity to cold or heat, constipation or more frequent bowel movements, dry skin, puffy face, unexplained weight loss (sometimes sudden) , increased or decreased heart rate, muscle weakness , frequent urination increased thirst, muscle aches, tenderness, and stiffness pain, stiffness, or swelling in your joints thinning hair or fine, brittle hair increased hunger, decreased sex drive nervousness, anxiety, or irritability blurred vision, infertility, a fatty hump between the shoulders rounded face, purple or pink stretch marks. We can correct thrm my supplements and medications like Anti-androgen medications, testosterone therpay, progesterone therapy and lot more... Read more
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