Prenatal diagnosis of fetal adrenal hemorrhage and endocrino
Adrenal hemorrhage is generally diagnosed by sonography during the newborn period but is rarely detected in uterus. The prenatal diagnosis has not been clearly described and its sonographic appearance can be confused with that of several other pathologic conditions [1]. Abdominal sonography has greatly facilitated the diagnosis of adrenal hemorrhage particularly when the clinical presentation is subtle [2]. We present a case of prenatal adrenal hemorrhage initially detected by ultrasound as an echogenic mass at the suprarenal area.

Case report
A 32-year-old gravida 2, para 1 woman was referred to our obstetrics center at 38 weeks of gestation because of a suspected suprarenal cystic mass. Her previous medical history was unremarkable, and she had no family history of congenital malformation. On detailed fetal sonography, a solitary cystic mass located superior to the left kidney measured 33×31×28 mm was found. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasound clearly demonstrated that the tumor was arising from the adrenal gland. Biophysical profile, fetal biometry and Doppler examinations of the umbilical cord were normal. The size of the mass increased to 40×36×34 mm at 39 weeks' gestation....