Prophylactic Eclizumab Prevents Post-transplant Atypical Hem
A retrospective cohort study at a single university hospital. They analyzed 6 patients with aHUS who had received prophylaxis with eculizumab to prevent recurrence after kidney transplant between January 2013 to December 2019. They evaluated age, sex, type of kidney transplant, follow-up time after kidney transplant and genetic study as well as risk for aHUS recurrence according to KDIGO. Four patients had high risk for aHUS recurrence. Only one patient had aHUS recurrence due to increasing time between doses during a hospitalization for vascular access complication. This patient had a high risk for aHUS recurrence and variant in CFH. The other five patients (83.3%) had not aHUS recurrence after kidney transplant. They found 16.7% of aHUS recurrence among patients who underwent prophylactic eculizumab after kidney transplant. The recurrence episode was associated with longer time between eculizumab doses.