Prophylactic Single-use Negative Pressure Dressing in closed
The prophylactic application of a specific single-use negative pressure (sNPWT) dressing on closed surgical incisions after incisional hernia (IH) repair decreases the risk of surgical site occurrences (SSOs) and the length of stay.

The sNPWT dressings have been associated with several advantages like cost savings and prevention of SSOs like seroma, hematoma, dehiscence, or wound infection (SSI) in closed surgical incisions.

An RCT was undertaken. Participating patients, with IH type W2 or W3 according to European Hernia Society classification, were randomly assigned to receive intraoperatively either the sNPWT (PICO)(72 patients) or a conventional dressing at the end of the hernia repair (74 patients). The primary endpoint was the development of SSOs during the first 30 days after hernia repair. The secondary endpoint included the length of hospital stay.

--At 30 days postoperatively, there was a significantly higher incidence of SSOs in the control group compared to the treatment group.

--There was no SSI in the treatment group and 6 cases in the control group.

--No significant differences regarding seroma, hematoma, wound dehiscence, and length of stay were observed between the groups.

The use of prophylactic sNPWT PICO dressing for closed surgical incisions following IH repair reduces significantly the overall incidence of SSOs and the SSI at 30 days postoperatively.

Annals of Surgery