Prosthetic rehabilitation of a total laryngectomy patient
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The fundamental objective in restoring a defect created after total laryngectomy with a custom-made silicone prosthesis is to enable the patient to cope better with the difficult process of rehabilitation after a major surgery has been performed.

A cosmetically acceptable prosthesis that reproduces the colour and form and allows the patient to return to his/her accustomed lifestyle.

A sequence of steps for construction of custom-made laryngeal prosthesis is outlined in this case report, published in The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society using the readily available materials and method which any prosthodontist can readily understand and deliver.

After laryngectomy patient has to undergo tracheostomy to maintain a patent airway. This Tracheostomy creates a permanent stoma in the suprasternal notch area of the neck.

Tracheostomy itself poses some difficulties such as: (i) Stenosis of the stoma (opening), (ii) Infections, (iii) Entry of dust particles may cause respiratory disorders, (iv) Seeping in of water while taking bath, (v) Esthetics are hampered.

Rehabilitation includes maintenance of –
(i) Airway,
(ii) Phonetics (speech),
(iii) Prevention of respiratory disorders,
(iv) Esthetics.

The Patient reported with a chief complaint of inhalation of dust during breathing and difficulty in bathing due to an opening in the supra-sternal area in the neck region through which water seeped in.

On taking medical history, it was found out that total laryngectomy had been done 19 years ago due to squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx. Along with it, tracheostomy was performed to maintain a patent airway, due to which breathing had to be done through the stomal opening formed in the supra-sternal region of the neck; also water seeped in through the opening during bathing.

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