pts having more itching and pain .with pus .DX and Tx ????
Nimit Saini
Pts having more itching and pain .with pus .DX and Tx ????
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Attention dear doctor , genta is not mycin , all the antibiotics of streptomycoses origin like streptomycin ,kanamycin etc have suffix mycin ,but as genta have it' s origin from micromonospora group it got micin as suffix, so it' s gentamicin rather than gentamycin ,use of cloxacillin in these cases have good result as we see staphylococci the causative bacteria in folliculitis ,no need of tramadol ,a opioid analgesic , use ibuprofen /diclofenac/aceclofenac with or without pcm as anti inflammatory NSAID ... Read more
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Thanks for information Dr dinesh sir
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