Reliability of Drug History to Verify Androgen Abuse in Men
In a high-risk population, to (a) validate the drug history of androgen abuse objectively using state-of-the-art World Anti-Doping Agency–accredited antidoping laboratory urine mass spectrometry tests and (b) to determine what biochemical tests best distinguish androgen abuse from nonuse in this population. No prohibited ARDs were identified among nonusers. Current users had a median of 5 (range 1-13) drugs detected comprising 176 ARDs among 220 drug identifications. Past users had a median of 1 (range 0-9) drugs detected comprising 21 ARDs among 43 drugs. The negative predictive value was high (>0.8) for those denying drug usage while the positive predictive value was good (>0.6) for both those reporting currently using (current) and not using (nonusers plus past users) ARD.